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Online short Course


One month course
Live online classes on Zoom App
Free certificate.

Adobe Photoshop:

LECTURE#1 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop and tools learning.

LECTURE#2 Banners designs and business cards.

LECTURE#3  Social media post design book cover.

LECTURE#4 Stationery and product packing.

LECTURE#5 GIF and animated posts.

LECTURE#6 Advance tricks.

Adobe Illustrator:

LECTURE#7 How to make shape elements of design.

LECTURE#8 How to use color and gradient pen tool exercise.

LECTURE#9 How to creating Overlapping  Logo Shape builder tool.

LECTURE#10 Drop shadow,form,texture and color.

How to create graphic illustration drawing.

LECTURE#11 Short cut keys and tips.

LECTURE#12 Advance tricks.


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