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ENG101 Current Final Term Papers Spring 2020  & Solved by moazz 

#ENG101 Final Term Current Paper SPRING 2020
8 am today's paper
40 mcqs (jis mn se 25 to 30% mcqs repeated the )
2 Marks ke 4 question the
Jis mn
1.true false
2.Fill in the blanks
3.Choose the error in sentence
4. Identity whether the sentence is a Complete sentence or fragment
3 Marks ke 4 question the
1. T/F
2. Change into passive voice by using the correct verb
3. 3 methods used for organizing information
4. Pronoun antecedent
5 marks ke 4 question the
Jis mn se 3 sawal True/False ke the
Or ek sawal identity whether the sentences are comma splice or complete sentence.

ENG 101
Q.Define fragment sentence with example?
Q.Define dependent and independent clause?
Q.Fill the blank with suitable verb.(were was).
Q.fill in blank with as or like..
Q.identify sentence fragments..
Q.select true or false statements
Q.concept of cause and effect/comparison and contrast/..
Q.what essay structural unit ?
Q.rearrange the sentences?
Q.Fill in the blanks with suitable words..

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