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Online Short Course 

One month course
Live online classes on zoom
Free certificate

Introduction to Digital Marketing:

• What is marketing? 
• What is digital marketing? 
• Why are people going online?
• Key concepts of digital marketing 
• Benefits of digital marketing 
• How digital marketing evolved 
• Who’s using digital marketing? 
• How traditional and digital media differ?
• What are inbound and outbound marketing? 
• Understand the future of digital marketing 
• Tools required in digital marketing 
• What is advertising? 
• What is online advertising? 
• What is AdWords? 
• Some of the best digital marketing case studies.
• Career scope in Digital Marketing.

Social Media Optimization:

• What is Social Media Optimization? 
• What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? 
• List of social media 
• Importance of social media 
• How Social Media Affects SEO? 
• How to promote business through SMO 
• What is Viral Marketing? 
• Social media success tracking tools? 
• What type of social media content converts best? 
• What is the responsibility of a social media manager?
• Top social media marketing tools to consider? 

• Some common social media mistakes

Facebook Marketing: 

• Facebook Insights
• Facebook Algorithms 
• Ad Practices for Ad Content 
• Facebook Targeting Options 
• Re-targeting or Facebook Exchange 
• Facebook Page Management

LinkedIn Marketing:

• Introduction to LinkedIn 
• How to Market ?
• Personal marketing 
• Brand Marketing 
• LinkedIn Ads 
• LinkedIn Campaigns

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